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Your extra room has already been built.

Keeping a tidy home is simple with our wide range of indoor and outdoor storage solutions. Secure your peace of mind, and your things, in our safe, clean, and conveniently-located facility.

Storing anything, for any reason.

Our flexible options mean that we have the solution right for your unique situation. You can store the furniture from the spare bedroom somewhere while you renovate, keep your library from taking over the living room, or park your caravan somewhere other than the drive way in between road trips.

Think of our facility as an extra garage, spare room, second shed, or a hobby room – our storage units are a blank canvas for you to use to keep the stuff you just don’t have room for at the moment. We’ve got space for:

Cars & motorbikes

Boats & dinghies

Caravans & trailers


Hobby supplies & sporting gear

Small items & collections

Storage Size Guide

Not sure what size you need? Our size guide will make it easy to find storage solutions that’s right for you.

Need more info?

To learn more about storage solutions for individuals, contact us today using our convenient online form.