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Tips to help with your self storage

The first thing to remember therefore is to pack in such a way that you can find things at a later date quickly and without unloading absolutely everything you’ve put away in the storage unit. Make an inventory of what you’ve packed and where it is as you go along.

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Osborne Park Self Storage Tips

More great packing and storage preparation tips:

  • Start with objects you know you definitely will not need
  • Place large, solid items into your storage space first. Stack small items, especially boxes on top of large items
  • Keeping electronics such as televisions, speakers, computers or monitors properly stored is essential to main their integrity. Using the original packaging is ideal if possible. It ensures the best fit for the item and offers protection from the styrofoam it was originally made for.
  • Most couches should be stored on end, except sofa beds
  • Appliances should be properly cleaned and dried before storage. Microwaves should be cleaned of any food or residue to prevent mold and the attraction of bugs and rodents.
  • Ensure you defrost the refrigerator or freezer 24 hours prior to storage to avoid moisture and keep refrigerator and freezer door slightly ajar and clean
  • Grills and barbeques should be removed of all gas or charcoal residue to prevent any sort of fire hazard.
  • Fill anything that’s hollow – i.e. drawers, washing machines, and fridge to maximise your available space
  • Label all boxes on several sides for easy locating
  • Use one side wall of the space to stack boxes only as high as possible and stack boxes and similarly sized items together to save space
  • Try to leave space to be able to add or remove items
  • Never store mirrors and pictures flat, ensure the items are covered in either corrugated cardboard or bubble wrap.
  • Leave items that you want to access at the front of the unit
  • If you do store lawn mowers please ensure that you empty the petrol
  • Ensure all items are securely packed and stacked to avoid items falling once the roller door is closed.

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