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Osborne Park Self Storage offers a range of furniture storage options from one or two items to a whole house full. So whether you are in between houses or moving away for a while and need to store your furniture somewhere, we can help with the perfect unit for your needs.

Furniture Storage Perth

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If you have a load of furniture or just a few items we have the unit for you at the very best price.

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Tips for storing your furniture

After your car and house, your furniture is generally the next biggest asset. So it makes sense that you look after it when putting it into storage. Below are a few tips to ensure your furniture comes out of storage in the same condition it went in.

  • Clean furniture before putting into storage
    You don't want to leave crumbs etc on your couch to attract cockroaches etc (NB: Osborne Park Storage has a thorough pest control program). Not to mention letting stains become permanent over time.
  • Ensure furniture is completely dry before putting into storage
    Storing wet furniture can lead to mould etc.
  • Cover valuable furniture
    The cover will protect the furniture from bumps and scratches when moving and exposure etc when in storage. Avoid using plastic covers in storage as this can lead to a build-up of humidity and promote mould etc.
  • Remove legs of furniture for moving and storage
    This will minimise the risk of breaking off a leg when moving your furniture. It also allows you to stack your furniture closer together when putting it into storage.
  • Polish timber furniture before storage
    This will help protect the wood while in storage. Just make sure you do this a few weeks before storage so it has time to dry fully.
  • Treat leather furniture
    Similar to the timber furniture, it is also advisable to treat your leather furniture with leather conditioner before storage.
  • Consider wiping metal furniture with oil
    This, of course, depends on what sort of furniture it is, but wiping oil over metal surfaces can help prevent rusting.
  • Leave some space between furniture
    This allows air to circulate around your furniture and will help prevent it becoming musty.
  • Spray soft furnishings with an anti-bacterial spray
    This can help prevent anything unwanted growing on your furniture.
  • Store electrical equipment in boxes
    The original box is perfect for this, but if you didn't keep it, then just pack into a packing box.
  • Wedge open doors on fridges, washing machines and dishwashers
    This prevents the build-up of moisture and bad odours.

Just a few handy tips for furniture storage. One last point, be sure you pack your furniture so you know how to find what you need when you need it.

Not sure which size storage unit you need? Take a look at our storage unit size guide or speak to one of our friendly team today.

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Osborne Park Storage has a wide range of storage units to suit your furniture storage needs; from different sized units to storage spaces you can drive right up to. Call us on 9443 6066 or fill in an online quote form to see how affordable it can be.

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