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Why use off-site document storage?

 Why use off-site document storage?

Despite advances in technology, eco-friendly business practices, and cost considerations many businesses still need to rely on paper documents and records to some extent. Records management and document retention requirements can vary substantially from industry to industry. Unfortunately, for some businesses, this means keeping bulky files for more than 10 years.

Off Site Document Storage Perth

Even for businesses who have moved to electronic record-keeping, investing in the transfer of older documents to digital copies can prove financially unfeasible.

Keeping your archived documents and backups off site makes sound sense. Damage from fire or water and loss through theft or employee error can leave a business in a precarious position without copies of tax, customer invoices and accounting records.

Many businesses benefit from off-site archive storage including:

  • law and conveyancing
  • medical
  • accounting
  • small businesses - tradesmen, importers, distribution companies, restaurants, etc.
  • insurance
  • finance
  • architecture
  • building

Archive storage solutions

Valuable, often costly, office area is wasted on archive storage leaving the business with less usable space for more productive endeavours.

Osborne Park Self Storage offer safe, secure off-site document storage solutions in Perth. We have a huge range of storage unit sizes to suit your businesses archive requirements. Find out more speak to our experienced storage team on 9443 6066 or complete our quote request form today.

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