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Why use a storage unit?

 Why use a storage unit?

There are so many different reasons our customers use our storage facilities, many of them may surprise you.

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Storage for travel

Renting out your house or flat out while you're away travelling for a few months and need somewhere safe to store your gear? Maybe you have a perfectly trustworthy housesitter but would like to get some of your personal stuff out of their way? The recent explosion of the idea of house swapping or Airbnb as a cost effective holiday option has led a rise in the need to clear out cupboards so someone else can use them. Self-storage units offer the ideal place to keep all your personal items from furniture to clothing.

Living on the road

Australia is a naturally amazing, diverse country. Many don't get to explore everything our wide brown land has to offer until they retire. As a result national parks, caravan sites and layovers are chock full of grey nomads enjoying our beautiful countryside.

The question of what to do with your possessions while you are away can be tricky. Some retirees just lock the door to their homes and hit the road, leaving a friend or relative to keep an eye on it all. Others use housesitters or get tenants in. Often people pack up everything, sell the house and live permanently on the road, moving where ever the mood takes them. Sadly, there are always some bits which just don't fit in the caravan or motor home, stuff which you just won't need but don't want to get rid of. Storage units are the perfect place to keep these items safe and secure.

Work away

If your job takes you away from home for weeks or months at a time self-storage units provide a place to keep your car or motorbike (under 25 mins from both airports), boat or sporting equipment or anything else which may be difficult to store safely at home.

Hobbies and collectables

Is your house or garage overflowing with collectables, memorabilia or hobby equipment? A secure, dry storage unit is the ideal space to stash all that equipment out of the way of the family, plus it frees up valuable home space.

However you use our storage facilities for you can rest assured it will be looked after well. Find out more about storage solutions in Perth contact our team on 9443 6066 or complete the online storage quote form today.

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