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What's the value of indoor caravan storage?

 What's the value of indoor caravan storage?

The big day has arrived - you’re pulling into the driveway, caravan following behind you - how long has it taken? The dream to pack up and take off on new adventures every day…We can hear the well-deserved, satisfied sigh. But hang on...what about when you’re not taking off on that new adventure? What of the caravan then? Are you able to even park it on your street?

Value of indoor caravan storage Perth

Many suburbs now have quite strict rules in place for covenants on what can and can’t be parked outside.

Also consider the wear and tear - the sun beating down, after a while those UV rays are going to make your mobile dream home on wheels look like something out of the 70s. Then there is the odd hail storm dropping golf ball sized rocks on top of your pride and joy.

And what about the neighbourhood street cricket- perish the thought! Is there even enough room to park?

Or maybe you live out on property away from the suburbs, you still need to take into account the weathering and potential issues arising from being outdoors.

Before you start to wring your hands in despair, take a moment to think about indoor caravan storage. You might never have considered it, instead of dismissing it as an expense you can do without. Let’s take a look at it though and you may see that not only is it affordable, it could well offer big savings in the long run.

At Osborne Park Self Storage we offer a wide variety of indoor storage solutions for your caravan, RV, motorhome and more! We have different sizes available depending on your needs and best of all you will rest easy knowing your investment is safe, secure (security and alarm systems in place) and also protected from the fierce weather that Australia is renowned for.

Another benefit of indoor caravan storage is some insurance companies may offer a lower premium if your caravan is stored professionally.

Give one of our friendly team a call, they can discuss your options and give you an idea just how affordable indoor caravan storage is.

When you weigh up the cost of your investment and the cost of weathering or any potential damage accidental or otherwise (and if it’s going to happen, it will be just after you have taken two weeks leave to head off around the Flinders ranges - not only is that an additional cost, there may be a time delay whilst getting fixed) you may be pleasantly surprised.

You’ve waited this long for the adventures to begin so when you get back home, look after that investment of yours and store it securely - no hassle and no worries. Let the good times roll.

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