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What size storage unit do I need?

 What size storage unit do I need?

Knowing what size storage unit you'll need to rent can involve a bit of guesswork, especially if all your gear not together in one big pile but spread across different rooms throughout your home. Which, let's face it, is most people.

Our self storage team have put together some guidelines to help you choose the perfect storage unit for your furniture and belongings without having pieces leftover or big unused spaces in the unit.

What size storage unit do I need?

Couple of boxes or a suitcase or two

If you've only got a few boxes, your favourite armchair or a couple of suitcases and a set of golf club a small storage unit of 2 to 4 square metres will be ideal.

1 or 2 bedroom apartment

Moving out of a one or two bedroom apartment? A 4 to 6 square metre storage unit should meet your needs perfectly. This size allows for a range basic furniture items, such as fridge, 2 beds, lounge etc, and your belongings.

2 bedroom house

A 6 to 7 square metre unit will hold everything you have in a small to medium sized two bedroom house.

3 bedroom house

This size range is excellent for anyone with a whole 3 bedroom house full of furniture and gear, plus space for all the bits stored in the garage.

Large house or a car

These units have room to move and more. With a huge 15 to 18 square metres, they're ideal for keeping everything from a large home safe and secure until you have somewhere to put it. This size is also great for a vintage car, small pop top caravan or dingy.

More information on our storage unit sizes can be found here - Storage unit size options

Need more help deciding which size storage unit is right for your needs? Give our Perth self storage team a call on 9443 6066 or request a quote today.

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