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Top tips on storing your hobby supplies or collectables

 Top tips on storing your hobby supplies or collectables

Work-life balance. Some of us have it, most of us don't, many of us strive to achieve it, health guru's and life coaches tell us we need it to feel fulfilled. Experts agree that having an interest outside of work is great for our mental health as well as making us well-rounded human beings.

Hobby and Collectables Storage Perth

After family and friends, many look to sports and exercise for a healthy outlet. A close second to the gym junkies and fitness fanatics are those with a hobby.

Hobbies can be anything from skydiving to stamp collecting, beachcombing to building RC cars (remote control cars). As diverse as the people who love them, hobbies can create a great avenue for like-minded social connections and making friends outside your work environment.

Hobbies and collections, for most people, start small. A few Elvis records here and there, the odd novelty 'wobbly head' King figurine for the dash. But after time collections and hobbies can expand significantly and grow into major investments. (An Elvis jumpsuit was once sold at auction for $300,000, that's one committed collector.)

The cold hard fact is that most hobbies and collections take up space in the home. At first, it's just a few shelves in a display cabinet, then it's the cabinet and most of the linen cupboard and finally, you're faced with a spare room which starts to look more like a miniature mechanic's workshop with tiny RC car parts from wall to wall.

Those living with avid collectors and hobbyists know the pain and frustration of never being able to use the garage for the actual car. (If your partner suggests putting carpet down in the garage to get the scrapbooking supplies out of the office, it's the beginning of the end.)

However, the space issue does not have to become a big problem in your home. There are several options available to the enthusiastic collector or hobbyist.

Shed it

The humble backyard shed is a great place to house your collection or set up a dedicated hobby room. The shed can be an ideal space away from the chaos of the home to keep all your equipment and supplies with plenty of room for large pieces like the slot car track or go-kart parts.

Store it

Self storage units are a fantastic, out of the way, secure, storage option for collectables and hobby supplies. The beauty of the storage unit is you can choose a size that suits your needs perfectly now, and upgrade as the collection grows. They also ensure your valuable gear stays out of damaging sunlight, dry and pest-free, with the added advantage of being covered by insurance.

Popular hobbies and collectables:

  • Collections - vintage signs, antique furniture, cans, sideshow or arcade games, historical items, flags, figurines, trading cards, rocks, automobilia, books, stamps, coins, toys, sporting memorabilia
  • Hobbies - RC cars, helicopters, and boats, model trains, scrapbooking, radio controlled planes, puzzles, toy building, slot cars, fishing, sewing, go-karting

Box it

Sometimes the best way to keep your extra gear is to box it up to prevent accidental damages, especially when you're struggling for space at home to store it safely. This is especially important if you're looking to sell pieces of the collection in the future. Take care to pack with plenty of bubble wrap or butchers paper to avoid damages. Once boxed up it'll take up a lot less space and can be easily kept in your home, shed or storage unit.

Keep striving for a healthy work-life balance. Remember to:

  • Set goals
  • Learn time management skills
  • Have a hobby or passion outside work
  • Use your allocated holidays
  • Learn to say No
  • Get a good nights sleep
  • Reward yourself
  • Stay Positive!!
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