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The best way to store your sporting gear

 The best way to store your sporting gear

Getting out and enjoying our amazing country is a great Aussie pastime. Weekends and holidays see West Australians hitting the beach, cruising along the rivers, relaxing in Perth's beautiful parks or heading for the countryside in the thousands. We love nothing more than to take advantage of everything the natural environment has to offer. Our outdoor endeavors often include a diverse range of sports and hobbies such as jet skiing, trail bike riding, cycling, kite surfing and fishing, with the city offering an activity for just about any interest.

Sports Equipment Storage Perth

We love sports, Australians spent a massive $1.3 billion on sporting equipment from April 2015 to May 2016 ( Roy Morgan Research). From tiny ping pong balls to big ocean kayaks we love to give it a go.

But now we have all this gear where do we put it? Much of it takes up valuable space in houses, apartments, garages, sheds and yards across the state. Anyone who has ever climbed over a bike just to get in the front door, shared the bathroom with a stack of surfboards, or sat on a jet ski to cook on the bbq knows that keeping your sporting equipment around the house is not always practical.

So what is the best way to store and protect your significant sporting gear investment without forcing your flatmate to sleep in the kayak to save space?

Protect your sports gear

It's extremely important to keep sports equipment out of the weather, constantly baking in the hot sun or being exposed to rain and wind can cause premature deterioration of your gear. This is especially important during the off season when equipment is being stored for months at a time, without use.

If you have the luxury of a spacious garage or shed storing sports gear will be easy. There is a huge selection of custom rack systems on the market which can keep lighter items like bikes, kayaks, surf ski's and boards off the garage or shed floor and safely out of the way.

However, if your sports gear is competing with the car, household storage, toys, tools and gardening equipment another storage solutions needs to be considered.

Outdoor storage within a carport or under a protective cover like a tarp or plastic sheeting will offer some protection from the elements, however, moisture and condensation can get trapped under covers if there is not enough ventilation and can encourage mould or mildew growth.


Keeping sports equipment away from the weather is one thing, ensuring it's protected from thieves is another ball game altogether. Securing larger sporting items can present a challenge, particularly if you live in an apartment or flat. Ideally, gear should be kept off the street, locked in a private garage or shed but often this is not an option.

Alternative secure storage choices can include:

  • Sporting clubs - some clubs allow members to store gear in the clubhouse or a secure shed.
  • Storage unit - another option is to rent a self storage unit near your home or sporting venue which has easy access and provides a good level of security.
  • Marina - marina's offer outdoor or shaded storage for boats and jet ski's within a fenced area.

Where ever you store your sporting gear make sure it is adequately insured to protect it if the unexpected does happen.

Finding a safe, protected space to store all your sporting gear outside the home doesn't have to be a chore. Explore the options in your area and finally free up the garage for the car.

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