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Storage solutions for mobile businesses

 Storage solutions for mobile businesses

Competition for the consumer dollar is as fierce as ever in today's business market. Coming up with a unique point of difference for a business has brought about many new and interesting ways of attracting customers. Trading online or reaching potential customers through the web is a very popular choice. Another point of difference local businesses and their clients are taking advantage of is mobile. Not mobile as in mobile phone, but mobile as in 'We come to you'.

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All sorts of businesses are going mobile these days. From coffee vans to mobile mechanics scores of motivated companies are taking their services straight to the customer. Many different businesses are hitting the road to gain the competitive advantage.

  • car detailing
  • food trucks
  • libraries/ bookshops
  • bars
  • photo booths
  • dog washing services
  • radio stations
  • special event and children's party planning and supplies
  • DJ's
  • vintage clothes retailers
  • gym / personal trainers
  • knife sharpening services
  • Atm's

Having a bricks and mortar base is no longer a necessity for many businesses. If you're a start-up, or just looking to cut back ongoing costs, going mobile can save thousands each month on leasing a shopfront or commercial property.

One of the downfalls of this style of trading, however, is you don't have anywhere to store all the necessities like extra stock, documents and backup equipment. Often small business owners use part of their homes, like the garage or spare room, for all the extras. Unfortunately, this can mean you are always surrounded by work and, if you're not careful, it can overtake your house.

Small business storage solutions

Before bags of coffee or bottles of dog shampoo overwhelm your home, it makes good business sense to explore other storage options. Especially if you're interested in growing your business one day.

The smart money is on storage units for mobile business owners. The advantages of this style of off-site storage are many:

  • safe and secure - units are protected by 24-hour security systems and CCTV camera monitoring, more security than most homes.
  • pest-protected - pest control is regularly carried out through storage units and the surrounding buildings.
  • limited access - you control who has access to the storage unit.
  • easy to expand - need more space as you grow? It's simple to upgrade to a larger unit.
  • flexible lease terms - you're not locked into a 5 or 10-year commercial property lease.
  • covered by insurance - adding equipment and stock to your home insurance can be tricky. Get the right business insurance cover to ensure you're protected.
  • cost effective - storage unit rental costs are substantially lower than commercial prices.

If you work out of a van, truck or trailer and need some extra space for stock and equipment why not get a storage unit? For more information on business storage solutions in Perth, WA, give our team a call on 9443 6066 or complete our online quote request form today.

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