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Smart storage idea's for the long term traveller

 Smart storage idea's for the long term traveller

Hit the road, reach for the sky's or cruise the oceans, travel is a mind opening experience many of us love. Whether you're tripping around the country or around the world, there's always something new to see and learn.

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Travel prep

Preparing to travel can vary greatly depending on your personality style. Trip organisation can range from ultra-detailed, with step by step itineraries in which every minute is planned from breakfast dining to the best time of day to visit tourist hot spots. The other end of the spectrum are those who thrive on the unknown, simply buying a plane ticket and going with the flow from the moment of touchdown. You know which end of the spectrum you fit into (or somewhere in between), even if you haven't started planning yet.

Once upon a time, we had to rely on word of mouth and a well-thumbed Lonely Planet guide to find out where the best places to visit were. Modern travellers now have access to a wealth of information thanks to the world wide web. The internet has opened up our travelling experiences more than ever before.

Want to know if the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower is worth the 2 hour wait in the rain? No problem, a quick search will provide you with thousands of preview photos, plus reviews of the experience and costs involved. What about the best place to visit in Madagascar? Easy, in less than a second Google has provided the top 10 tourist attractions including detailed explanations as to why you should visit them.

In fact, most aspects of travelling and planning to travel are easier with the web.

Far, far away

An undeniable fact about living in Australia is that it is a long way to almost anywhere. This fact often influences the decision to plan trips for extended periods, months, sometimes years, rather than a week or two. A gap year, work experience, right of passage, discovering cultures and life adventures, there are any number of reasons we decide to travel long term.

Once the trip planning is finalised, be that just a visa and a plane ticket, or the full monty version with bookings at museums, train tickets and travellers cheques ordered, you'll need to decide what to do with all the possessions that don't fit in your backpack for the months or years you're away.

Leave it where it is

This is the ideal storage solution as all you have to do is lock up and leave. If you have your own place and have the luxury of leaving it vacant or better still with a trusted house sitter who will water the plants and dust your Faberge egg collection while you're away, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

Free storage

Yes, you beauty, free storage! Take advantage of any old garage, shed or spare room you can get your hands on for nothing, from mums house to Mary from accountings flat or the neighbours place. Thankfully, that's one less expense to include in the travel budget. There are, however, many downfalls to this option, the first being instability or lack of security. Travel comes with many uncertainties without adding in another to the mix. What if, deep in the rainforest of Peru you get a call from Mary to say she's moving house and if you could move all your stuff out by the weekend that would be super. Or maybe mum needs the garage back ASAP as your little brother is moving back in. Nightmare!

Secure storage unit

A self storage unit provides a safe, secure, permanent long term storage place to keep all your personal possessions while you're travelling. Your gear is insured, pest-protected and locked away in a dry environment for as long as you require. Consider your storage unit rental as part of your travel insurance policy, ensuring you don't need to worry about it while you're away.

Be free to experience amazing places and rich cultures knowing our stuff will still be in the same place and condition as when you left it.

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