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Signs you might need some extra storage space

 Signs you might need some extra storage space

Most of us have areas of our home where stuff accumulates. Some of us struggle to have an area in our homes where stuff does not accumulate. Here are a few tell-tale indications you could do with some more storage space.

Extra storage

Parking the car in the garage is no longer an option

Garage, noun- a building or indoor area for parking or storing motor vehicles.

If your garage is no longer, well, a garage, and has become a storage room with bikes, garden equipment, tools, fishing gear, boxes, the extra fridge and so much more competing for space it might be time to move some stuff out so the poor old car can get out of the beating sun.

You've stopped inviting people to stay

If you've put having guests to stay in the too hard basket (which is also full) because clearing out the spare room is a task too daunting to consider, it might be time to consider some extra storage.

The cupboards are chock-full

Yes, all of them. Plus, you're considering putting more cupboards in to cope with all the stuff gathering on every other surface in your home. Consider a self-storage unit for the extra space to easily keep all the bits you only use every now and then, like the Christmas decorations or your the camping gear.

You're moving to a smaller place

Whether you're an empty nester (all the kids have finally moved out) or you're downsizing for work, or even to achieve a more realistic budget, moving to a smaller property presents the problem of what to do with all the bits which just won't fit.

From the home bar to the ocean kayaks or the 11 piece dining setting, moving to from a big house to an apartment or a more modest residence can leave you with nowhere to put big items like these.

You've decided to sell your house

The experts tell us that an uncluttered home is easier to sell because it looks neat, plus potential buyers don't have to have a really good imagination to replace your furniture and possessions with theirs.

Another great reason to have a clear out before you put your home on the market is that during open homes some people will look into your drawers and cupboards. We know, it's not a nice thought but it is a reality. If you're worried about this happening now is a great time to pack it up and store it elsewhere.

Moving things just so you can put something down

Yeesh, this one really gets our goat. You know the scenario, you can't put away the toys/towels/books/groceries, etc without first clearing space in amongst the stuff already clogging up in the cupboards, shelves, or even the kitchen benchtop.

Any of these apply to you? Extra storage space comes in all shapes and sizes to cater for every need. You can choose to use it for the short term or safely lock it away indefinitely.