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Selling your House? Declutter it first!

 Selling your House? Declutter it first!

When selling a house, all Real Estate Agents will recommend that you declutter your house. A cluttered house can turn off a potential buyer and prevent them from seeing the real potential of a house. There are 2 main reasons for decluttering your house.

  1. Allows the potential buyer to visualise how the house could look with their furniture etc. A cluttered house makes it harder to see how your own furniture will fit in.
  2. An uncluttered room will look larger. If you have a lot of furniture and stuff in a room with little space between them it can make it look pokey.
Storage units for clutter
Cluttered House? You need a Self Storage Unit.

How to declutter a house

There are several key points you need to consider when decluttering a house. The first consideration is what are you going to do with the excess furniture and belongings? This is where a self storage unit comes in handy. You can hire a self storage unit for one or more months to keep your excess gear in until after you've sold the house and moved into your new one.

Here are a few other considerations:

  • Don't have too many personal items like photos everywhere
    Remember that a potential buyer is trying to visualise themselves living in your house. This can be hard if it is full of your personal belongings.
  • Remove furniture that is just sitting there and never used
    This is a great way of deciding what furniture to get rid of. If you never use it then it isn't really needed.
  • Make sure there is plenty light
    If you have furniture blocking windows or heavy blinds or curtains that can't be opened up fully, then you need to move or fix them. It is a big turn off when looking at a potential house to buy and it appears dark and dingy.
  • Consider giving your house a quick lick of paint
    This will freshen up your house and make it look more appealing. This is especially important if you've got bright, unusual colours. Keep it nice and neutral so the buyers don't become distracted.

So there you have it, a few things to consider when decluttering your house for sale. Remember to take the emotion out of it; just because you've had something like that for as long as you've lived in the house doesn't mean that everyone else will like it.

If you live in Perth and considering decluttering your house before you sell it, ask us about renting one of our self storage units. Plenty of sizes to choose from. Call us on 9443 6066 or fill in an online quote form.

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