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Self storage questions to ask

 Self storage questions to ask

New to self storage? We've put together a list of points to consider and questions to ask when choosing a self storage facility to make sure you get the right unit for your needs.

Self Storage Questions To Ask

Flexible rental options

Does the storage facility offer flexible rental options such as the ability to move to a larger or smaller unit if needed? Ask about what would happen if you needed to extend your rental or cut it short for any reason. We offer month to month rental agreements but some facilities require longer term contracts.

Ask about moving in or out, when you can and how much notice is needed.

Payment options

Can you easily pay your bills online? What if you pay at the office? What are the payment options and do they have your preferred method?

Storage security

What security measures does the storage facility have in place? Do they have features like keypad access for the gate, CCTV camera monitoring, individual unit locks, after hours lighting or secure fencing? Our units are individually alarmed but some self storage facilities only have after hours security alarms across the facility.

Access options

If you will be needing to regularly access your self storage unit after hours or on weekends can this be arranged?

Reasonable rates

Ask about the rates for different sized units. Compare with others you have visited but don't forget to factor in the quality of security and other points like rental and payment options.

No hidden charges

Make sure you are clear about any charges or fee's that may occur. Most self storage facilities charge a security bond, ask how much this is and about any other fees.

Storage insurance

You'll need to take out storage insurance to cover your possessions while they are in storage. Some facilities offer easy insurance options through a preferred insurer or you can opt to organise your own.


Is the complex easy to get to for what you need it for? If you're looking for long term storage while you're away this is not such an issue, but if you will be accessing your gear regularly a convenient location is very important.

Well maintained

Is the facility well maintained and clean? Do they carry out regular pest control measures to keep insects and vermin away from the complex?

Prohibited items

Some things can't be stored in self storage units for safety or hygiene reasons. Each facility will have a list of prohibited items which often include gas bottles, oil, food, and chemicals among other things.

Take time to speak to the staff, get all the information you need and take a look around before you make a decision. If you are unsure what size unit you'll need, ask the storage facility staff for their recommendation, they may also be able to show you the different storage options if they are available.

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