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Motorcycle storage tips

 Motorcycle storage tips

Nobody likes to think about putting their pride and joy away for any length of time. Some even struggle to get through the week without taking their motorbike out for a spin. We know it can be very difficult to pack up your motorcycle, whatever the reason.

Motorcycle Storage Tips

The cold hard reality of life is there will be times when riding your motorbike won't be an option for a while. Packing it up in top condition means you won't need to mess about when you can finally ride again. It can take a little work but it is worth it to ensure you can hit the road and not suffer a breakdown half way to the beach / mountains / Swan Valley (insert favourite riding spot here).

Pre-storage recommendations for your motorbike

Always consult your motorcycle owners manual for model specific storage advice and procedures.

  • Fill the tank to the maximum with premium fuel + fuel stabiliser to prevent condensation during temperature fluctuations and possible corrosion in the tank.
  • Change oil with new to prevent the old, dirty oil from harming the engine during storage.
  • Change the filter
  • Give the bike a really good wash and add wax to the paintwork to fully protect it whilst in storage. Make sure the bike is thoroughly dry before putting into storage, allow to dry for a couple of hours in a warm sunny spot if possible.
  • Adjust and add lube to the chain (if relevant)
  • If the brake fluid or hydraulic clutch fluid needs changing (ie. it hasn't been done for a while) do so before storing the bike to prevent moisture getting in while it's idle.
  • As a build up can form over time from old coolant fluid ensure yours is fresh at the beginning of storage.
  • Store the bike on the centre stand or place it up on a sturdy support if possible to remove the constant pressure on wheels and suspension.
  • Inflate tyres to maximum recommended pressure if you don't have a centre stand or can't easily lift the bike off the ground.
  • Remove, top up, charge, and store the battery in a warm dry place up off the ground. Recharging every 4 to 6 weeks is recommended to maintain full capacity or alternatively connect it to a trickle charger.
  • Once in storage cover the bike with a breathable sheet or blanket to keep the dust off. Plastic covers or tarps are not encouraged as they can trap moisture in around the bike.

Invest a couple of hours and a little elbow grease to make sure your motorcycle is ready for long term storage and reap the rewards when you're ready to ride it again.

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