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It's a good idea to take out storage insurance. Here's why.

 It's a good idea to take out storage insurance. Here's why.

Just like home and contents insurance, storage insurance is designed to protect your possessions while they're in storage. Your first thought may be, "Protect them from what?" The storage unit is in a cement building with a metal door, what could happen to it? The short answer is many things.

Storage Insurance

Inside the storage unit

Let's start with just a few incidents that can occur inside the unit.

Even though every care is taken when packing your stuff into the storage unit, imbalances can ensue. Falling boxes, suitcases, furniture, or appliances could cause significant damage to your gear.

Insects or vermin can travel from your home to the storage unit hidden inside boxes or furniture. Cockroaches, silverfish, furniture beetles and textile pests can all effect significant damage to goods in storage, even over a short period.

Leaks from liquid products such as washing-up detergent, perfume or make-up caused by a bump in transit or the weight of the boxes above can create havoc within the unit. Problems such as - damp can cause mould or mildew to grow, moist cardboard boxes no longer have strength and integrity leading to box failure, stains to clothes or linen.

Mold or mildew - If your goods are stored slightly damp or even during particularly humid or rainy periods of the year, mold and mildew can grow throughout stored items causing stains and potential health issues when you start using them again.

What about the outside coming in?

Natural disasters - Natural disasters such as flood, storms, and fire are first and foremost excellent reasons to have insurance for storage units. Of course, each storage facility takes every precaution to avoid such events but sometimes matters eventuate that are beyond anyone's control.

Security breach - Most storage facilities have security measures in place. Osborne Park Self Storage has security alarms, CCTV monitoring, keypad gate entry plus individually padlocked doors to ensure your storage unit is protected. However despite a high level of security, some facilities occasionally report a theft or the wrongful removal of stored items.

Insurance - a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality. protection, safeguard, security, precaution or safety measure. If your gear is valuable enough to store, it's important enough to insure.

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