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How to protect your furniture during a renovation

 How to protect your furniture during a renovation

Whether you're renovating the kitchen and bathroom, adding an extra room or two, or repainting your whole house, living in your home during a renovation can be a serious challenge. There is so much to think about it's easy to get overwhelmed.  But it is important to consider the basics such as what to do with all your stuff. Protecting your furniture from the rigors of a renovation is essential if you want to avoid a costly cleanup and repair bill when it's all over. There are several ways you can ensure your furnishings are cared for while the reno chaos ensues.

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Everything in your home could be at risk during a renovation, even if they are not in the immediate reno area. Dust, paint, and plaster as well as accidental damage during the work, can leave your home a mess.

The dust alone can be unbelievable. It can travel throughout the house in a matter of minutes, from the first drill to the last nail, your whole home can end up covered in a fine layer of dust. (Tip - It gets in everywhere, make sure you rinse your toothbrush before you brush, nobody likes gritty toothpaste.)

Safeguarding your furniture during a reno is easy and there are several options available.

Cover with drop cloths

Drop cloths or dust cloths offer a cost effective protection option. Quick to throw on and shake out at the end of the day but dust cloths are not a great shield from wet substances like paint and plaster, or scratches and bumps.

Plastic sheet protection

Plastic sheeting or plastic covers are a great defense from all types of reno debris. However, plastic sheeting can get damp or moist underneath in humid conditions encouraging mold growth and musty smells in furniture.

Move room to room

Moving pieces around the house to keep them out of the way is an option if your furniture is easily transported and you have room in other areas to store it safely but constantly doing this can get very labour intensive. Moving every time the painters arrive to paint another room can get old really quickly, space could be an issue if you don't have a huge house, plus heavy or large items could be impractical to move over and over.

Storing furniture when remodeling

Placing your household possessions, or just the pieces that are in the way, into self storage means you only need to move them once and everything is protected, insured and out of harms way. A bonus is your tradies won't need to worry about working around your furniture and can get the job done faster. Everyone loves an efficient renovation.

Storage tip - if you have several large pieces of furniture opt for a little bit of extra space or a slightly larger unit to enable easy loading in and out.

Bonus - storage units are often available for short term storage needs so you only need to pay for storage for as long as you need it.