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How to pack for moving - Packing tips

 How to pack for moving - Packing tips

Whether you're moving across the country or just across Perth packing up your home and all your belongings can be a huge job. It always takes much longer than you think and there is almost always bits that just don't seem to fit anywhere. The team at Osborne Park Self Storage often see examples of how not to pack. Broken glassware, collapsed boxes, lost items, and leaky bottles, it's never a pretty sight.

Packing Tips

Luckily there are some simple ways of packing correctly to avoid all this. Take the time to pack well from the moment you start, trust us, it's worth it in the long run.

How to pack boxes for moving house

We have put together a few tips to help you get it right on packing day.

  • Make sure you have plenty of packing supplies before you start such as quality boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, butchers paper, and marker pens. Squeezing stuff in or skimping on padding could lead to damages during the move.
  • Use new packing boxes where possible. New moving boxes will be stronger and ensure your possessions are well protected.
  • If using, old or pre-used packing boxes check for damage such as rips or dampness which can weaken the integrity of the box. Remove all old packing tape before using as it will reduce the effectiveness of the new tape.
  • Tape the bottom of the box securely before you start filling it to ensure it holds well when full.
  • Place heavy things on the bottom of the box and lighter more delicate items on the top.
  • Make use of your linen or rags to fill the spaces around items to ensure they don't move around during transit.
  • Don't overload boxes. spread heavy items around several boxes rather than loading them all in one making it hard to lift and potentially give out. 15 to 20kg is about as heavy as you should go.
  • Group like items together in boxes where possible to make them easier to locate when you need them. eg. kitchen equipment, garden tools, toys etc.
  • Label boxes as you go. Be as specific as possible, it may be a few weeks or even months before you look at it again especially if you are putting them in storage for a while. Make certain you label packing boxes with breakable items or electronics as fragile.
  • Heavy items like books and stationery are best packed in smaller boxes.
  • If possible pack breakable items like wine glasses in their original boxes to help reduce damages.
  • Protect delicate items by wrapping in bubble wrap or spare linen and towels. Place a towel or sheet at the bottom and top of the box to cushion further.
  • Separate plates and bowls with a layer of butchers paper or bubble wrap and stack on the side in the packing box. Avoid using newspaper as it can leave difficult to remove black marks.
  • Pack electronic equipment such as television's, computers, monitors, PVR's and DVD players in original boxes with polystyrene packaging if possible, alternatively cover well with bubble wrap. Consult your appliance operation manual for specific requirements for travel, for example, some washing machines require the tub to be secured.
  • Remove batteries before packing and storing electrical items as they can leak or corrode and cause damage to the appliance.

Hopefully, this list will help safeguard your belongings during a move. We also have some great advice on the best way to store your stuff if you are putting it in storage for a while - Self Storage Tips.

Happy packing.

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