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Everything you ever wanted to know about bubble wrap

 Everything you ever wanted to know about bubble wrap

Originally invented as air filled wallpaper, bubble wrap has hundreds of uses around the home as well as being the king of packing supplies.

Everything you every wanted to know about bubble wrap

Of course, there's also another use for it. As a calming, hypnotic, meditative therapy. The sound of those little plastic bubbles popping can calm even the most irritated and stressed out person. Kids and adults alike can quickly become addicted to the soothing pop, pop, pop of the bubble wrap's song.

Pop it using your fingers, toes, elbows, or chin. Run over it on your bike. Whack it with a hammer. Somersault across it or stomp on it. Regardless of your popping preference, everyone agrees it's just plain fun.

Unusual uses for those brilliant bubbles

There are some odd ideas around, like the one about using as a liner under your sleeping bag when you're camping. Maybe if you like crackling and popping all night long. Some of the not so strange, and actually useful ideas are:

  • Insulate your windows - light comes in, heat or cold stay out.
  • Keep the ice cream cold on the way home from the supermarket.
  • Wrap around a drink bottle to keep the water cold for longer.
  • Keep the frost off your flowers or potted plants over winter.
  • Line the veggie crisper in the fridge to prevent bruised fruit and vegetables.

Bubbles in or out? Which way round does it go?

This is a frequently asked question. The general consensis seems to be that the bubbles go on the inside to provide maximum cushioning protection.

Using bubble wrap for packing

Bubble wrap is the number one packing supplies tool for anyone who wants to move their breakables in one piece. Use it to keep just about anything from being broken, scratched, cracked or chipped when you're moving house or placing your gear into storage. Protect:

  • glassware
  • crockery
  • small appliances
  • computer equipment - monitors, CPU, etc
  • figurines
  • vases, crystal, ceramics
  • Christmas ornaments
  • photo frames, artwork, mirrors
  • larger items during transit - bedhead's, the washing machine, fridge, dining chairs, etc
  • stuff inside items which may get squashed when packed like handbags, hats, boots, etc
  • wine bottles or other liquids in glass bottles
  • light fittings

Wow, who would have thought there were so many uses for bubble wrap. Best yet, it's reusable. That is if you can resist the lure of the pop!