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Brilliant hacks for storing furniture in storage units

 Brilliant hacks for storing furniture in storage units

Preparation, protection, and smart packing are the keys to great furniture storage. Ideally, you want your furniture to come out of storage in the same condition that it went in.

Storing Furniture Hacks

Preparation is vital

Make sure you thoroughly clean furniture and let it dry completely before placing in storage, especially for long term storage. Be sure to remove any food waste to keep cockroaches and other pests away. Steam or dry clean fabric furnishings such as couches, mattresses, and bed-heads prior to storage if needed as over time even small marks can become permanent stains.

Eliminate mold or mildew build-up from outdoor furniture, or anything else kept outside for any length of time before storage, as even in fairly dry conditions they can grow and spread quickly. Remove spider webs and get rid of any insects or bugs with insecticide spray.

Treat timber furniture or leather items to prevent them drying out during storage.

Clean and dry white goods thoroughly before storage, this includes defrosting fridges or freezers and draining washing machines and dishwashers. Wedge the door open while in storage to keep air flowing through the appliance.

Break down where possible

Take apart bulky items such as bed frames, bookshelves or tables for easy moving. Another great reason to do this is smaller shapes will take up less space in the storage unit, meaning you can fit more in. Secure any disassembled pieces together so they don't get mixed up or lost. Place loose screws or small attachments in a plastic bag and tape it to the relevant piece of furniture for easy assembly when you need to use it again.

Protect the furniture

  • Cover mattresses with plastic mattress bags and protect soft furnishings like couches or armchairs with covers or old sheets. Tip - never fully seal mattress bags to allow the fabric to breath and prevent moisture build up inside the bag.
  • Old blankets are useful to place in between items in storage to safeguard from damage or scratches.
  • Wrap mirrors and glass items such as table tops or display cabinet doors in old blankets, linen or bubble wrap.
  • Where possible store appliances in the original packaging and boxes.

Pack smart

When packing the storage unit some items can be stacked carefully on top of each other (remember lighter items on top) such as the washing machine or dryer or tables and chairs. Store mattresses flat where possible to maintain the shape and protect springs. Store furniture upright if you have room to preserve the integrity and prevent damages.

Use every space

Use the spare space inside drawers or cabinets to store small items. Avoid over-filling with heavy pieces as this can lead to sagging or damage to the base.

Storage insurance

Don't forget to take out storage insurance to protect your furniture if the unforeseeable happens. Speak to the self storage facility staff or your insurance company for coverage options.

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