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8 ways to perfect your packing box labels

 8 ways to perfect your packing box labels

Want to know the best way to label your moving boxes? Take a look at our 8 ways to perfect your packing box labels.

8 ways to perfect your packing box lables

1. Colour code

Use a different coloured marker pen for each room to easily allocate or find boxes at a glance. Permanent markers work best on packing boxes as they will stay on even if you write over the top of the packing tape.

2. Fill it, label it, repeat

Label as you go, after packing 20 boxes you will never remember what was in box 3.

3. Big and clear

Now is not the time for your doctors scrawl, write in large, clear, legible print, you're probably not the only one who will need to read the labels and decoding your handwriting on every box will take up way too much time.

4. Get bossy

Use descriptors such as 'Fragile' or 'Heavy' to ensure the breakables are handled carefully and avoid injuries from picking up heavy boxes. This also helps when loading the removals truck or packing your storage unit so the heavy boxes can be placed to the bottom and the lighter, fragile ones can be stacked on the top.

5. Numbers and lists

Number boxes and keep a brief inventory of what's inside, this way you know if one goes missing and what was in it. Keep the inventory short, you have enough to do on moving day without keeping detailed lists, just include enough information so you can find things quickly later.

If for instance,  your gear is in storage and you need to get the ski boots before your holiday, all you need to do is check the list, find the box and head for the airport, easy.

The inventory can also help if an insurance claim is needed if boxes go missing during your move.

6. Side to side

Label your boxes on the side as well as the top, in fact, two sides if possible. It seems like a no-brainer, but it makes finding things so much easier when the boxes are all stacked up.

7. Point the way

In this case with big arrows, huge 'This way up' arrows in fact. Don't be afraid of going overboard with the arrows, it could mean the difference between a tidy move and a very messy one. (Imagine the damage a tipped bottle of balsamic vinegar could have on all the boxes around it. We've seen it, it's bad.)

Label boxes with arrows that contain items which must be kept the right way up like jars of sauce, containers of food or chemical bottles. Boxes packed with glassware and other breakables will benefit from this labeling too.

8. Fancy schmancy

If you're a little bit creative or have a little extra time up your sleeve (apparently it happens) there are a myriad of packing box labels on the net which you can easily print onto sticker sheets.

Packing label essentials

Include these details on each box - (remember the coloured markers)

  • Room - kitchen, bedroom 1,2 or 3, lounge etc
  • A brief list or description of the contents - kids toys, gardening tools, star wars figurine collection etc
  • Box number - just in case one goes astray
  • Include 'Fragile', 'Heavy' or 'this way up' arrows where needed

Add all these details to your inventory as well, and keep it in a safe place.

Optional extras

  • If you have a mixed box, half from the kitchen and half from the bathroom, mark which items are at the top so the box gets put in that room for unpacking first.
  • The last things you pack will usually be the essentials, like the toaster, kettle, and toilet paper, these are likely to be the first ones you need at the new house, clearly label these boxes 'Open first'.
  • If some of your gear is going into storage mark these boxes as you pack so they get transferred to the storage unit and not mistakenly unpacked.

We hope this helps make your move a little bit easier. Happy packing.

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