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8 self storage myths we hear all the time

 8 self storage myths we hear all the time

Every industry has its share of common misconceptions or false facts. Apparently, plumbers suffer from permanent wardrobe malfunction issues, car salesmen can't be trusted and road workers just stand around all day leaning on shovels. The self storage industry is also riddled with untruths which can seriously confuse anyone wanting to take advantage of this great resource.

8 self storage myths

To help you sort the facts from the fiction we've put together a list of the eight most common self storage myths we get asked about.

You have to sign up for at least 6 months

Unlike renting a house, self storage units are available for the short term, as short as 1 month at a time. This makes them ideal for storing furniture and household items while you're renovating or between homes. It's also a great storage solution for all that gear in the spare room while the in-laws are visiting.

You can keep anything in the unit

Most things can be kept in storage from your rare shell collection to the ski gear. However, for the safety of the storage facility some items such as gas bottles, perishables like food, flammable materials, and hazardous chemicals can't be stored in the unit. Check with your storage facility as to what you can, or cannot keep in the storage unit.

You can stay in the unit if you need to

Ahh, no, what you're looking for is a hotel. It's not possible to sleep or stay in the storage unit.

Self storage units are unsafe

A quality storage facility will have security features such as CCTV camera monitoring, individual unit alarm systems, key coded gate entry and extra strength padlocks to protect your gear while it is in storage.

Self storage units are expensive

Most facilities offer a range of storage unit sizes so you can choose the right one for your budget. As an added saving measure, you can adjust the length of the storage rental month to month so you only pay for the space for as long as you need it, keeping costs as low as possible.

I don't need insurance as my gear is only going to be in storage short term

We recommend you protect your possessions with insurance every day that they are in storage, even if it is short term. You don't need to worry about filling out dozens of forms to take out storage insurance, it's a very simple process and can be cancelled anytime you decided to stop renting the unit.

Pests will get into my stuff

All reputable storage facilities will have routine pest control measures in place to keep rodents, insects, and other pests out of the units. If you are unsure or worried about ask your storage facility staff about their pest control procedures.

Using a storage unit is like storing my stuff in a dirty garage

Even though many storage units have a roller door entrance just like a garage, the inside is more like a storeroom than a garage. Storage units are cleaned thoroughly at the end of each rental so the unit will be sparkling clean ready for you to load your gear in. Some facilities (like us) offer indoor storage units which open onto a corridor rather than the outside, this limits the amount of dust or dirt which can come in when you open the door.