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5 reasons you need a storage unit for your motorbike

 5 reasons you need a storage unit for your motorbike

Motorbike owners all have one thing in common. No, it's not that they're all a little bit nuts, although many do fit into this one. To own a motorbike is to love your motorbike.

5 reasons to use motorbike storage

The ultimate way to show your bike some love and treat it like the majestic beast that it is is to find it a great place to live. A clean, dry and secure self-storage unit is the perfect home for your bike, here's why.


A storage unit can be a little oasis for your precious ride. A safe place where no one will touch it, accidentally knock it over, scratch it, or generally breathe on it.

Easy access

If getting your bike out means backing the car out, shifting the lawnmower, wrestling with a tarp or motorcycle cover, dodging surfboards and the odd rake how would you feel about a whole space devoted to your bike?

Want to go for a ride? Open the storage unit roller door, ride out, close door, go. It doesn't get easier than that.

Love motorbike riding

Keep all your gear together

Sick of losing your gloves and riding on the first cold weekend with frozen fingers? Keep all your motorcycle gear, tools, and extra accessories together in your storage unit where you can find them when you need them.

Extra space in the garage

Ok, maybe this one is less for the bike and more for you. Once your motorbike and all the gear has been moved to its spacious new home you'll have heaps of room in the garage for new toys.

Storage more affordable than you might think

If you compare the costs involved from the wear and tear your bike gets from sitting in the driveway, or repairs needed when it gets bumped or scratched in the shed, the price of renting a storage unit is very reasonable.

Plus, because motorbike storage units come in all shapes and sizes you can choose the perfect unit for your bike and gear without paying for excess space you don't really need.

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