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10 surprising storage hacks you've probably not considered

 10 surprising storage hacks you've probably not considered

From preventing staining to packing box labelling and self storage unit access, we've got all the ideas you might not have considered when putting your gear in storage.

Storage hacks

Avoid stains

The print on dry cleaning bags can permanently stain fabric if left on for a period of time. Swap the plastic over dresses or suits for fabric covers to avoid staining and mould spots.

Do regular clean outs

Review and declutter your storage gear every 6 to 12 months, you might find that you don't really need some items and can sell, donate, or throw them. For the nearest donation location to you visit

Downsizing to a smaller unit, even for a few months at the end of your term, can present significant savings. Plus, you're not paying to store stuff you don't even want.

Not covered

Your gear is not covered by the storage complex's insurance. Your home and contents policy probably won't cover it either (check with your provider) Make sure you take out storage insurance to protect your possessions and furniture while it's in storage because if it's worth keeping it's worth insuring.

What will happen if it gets really hot or cold?

Before packing up your gear consider what will happen to items if it's a steaming hot day or a freezing cold night? With Perth's usually temperate climate sticking between 10°C and 30°C this is not often an issue. However, as the temperature has been known to nudge the 40°C mark some summers and plunge to the zero mark on the occasional winter night your stuff needs to be able to withstand random fluctuations in temperature without ill effects. Some substances may melt, separate or expand and leak at extreme temperatures so it's wise to consider not including items such as cosmetics, candles, perfume, paintings, art, etc in the storage unit.

Cover everything

Even though the door is shut dust will still get in. Keep furniture and other items protected with drop cloths, loosely draped plastic sheeting, and furniture or mattress covers.

Label like mad

Label every box! It takes about a minute per box packed but you'll be glad you did 12 months down the track when you need to get at it all again. The more items you include on the label the easier it will be to find things.

More tips on box labelling - 8 ways to perfect your packing box labels

Photographic memory

Take pictures of your gear for your reference and insurance in case of damage, the more the better. This also helps if you are leaving your stuff in long term storage and someone else needs to get in and access it while you're away.

While we're on the topic of long term storage, if you're planning to be out of the city for a while it makes sense to give someone in town a key to access the storage unit in case you need to find something or check the unit while you're deep in the Amazon or cruising the Mediterranean.

Might need it? Keep it at the front

Put the Christmas decorations, winter clothes, winter bedding, or the Halloween costumes near the front of the self-storage space so you don't need to unpack the whole unit to find your life-sized Frosty the Snowman come December.

Get the right size

Don't need to get into your gear until you clear the storage unit? You could rent a slightly smaller unit. Need to get in every now and then? Go slightly bigger so you can move items around inside the unit without having to spill out into the hall or driveway.

Cheaper storage option

Need to live in the city but need extra storage space that your apartment building overlooking the Swan River doesn't offer? Self-storage units are an economical storage option for those living in the inner city. Keep your gear nearby without paying big bucks for a home with a garage or spare rooms.

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