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10 essential steps when taking your car out of long term storage

 10 essential steps when taking your car out of long term storage

Protect your vehicle by carrying out these 10 essential steps before you put pedal to the metal after long-term car storage. These simple checks could prevent major issues and costly repairs down the road.

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1. Leaks

Take a look under the car for any signs of leakage which may have occurred during storage. Seals, fittings, and connections can perish over time causing fluids to leak.

2. Pests

Pest damage can be a risk during car storage, depending greatly on where you keep the vehicle. Check the car over to make sure no creatures have taken up residence while it's been out of action. Wires and seals are tasty fodder for critters who can quickly wreak havoc throughout the car's systems.

3. Exhaust pipe

If you secured the exhaust pipe with a rag or steel wool before storing the car to keep pests out remove the plug.

4. Battery

Measure the battery charge level. If it's not at full capacity attach to a charger and ensure it is topped up before returning it under the hood.

5. Engine oil

Check and top up the oil if needed. Replace with new if the oil is getting old (over 6 months)

6. Tyres

Test the tyre pressure even if you made sure they were pumped up before the car was put away as tyres often lose pressure during long periods of inactivity. Reinflate to the recommended PSI.

7. Fluids

Review the coolant, power steering and fuel levels and top up where needed.

8. Brakes

Test the brake operation. Make sure the brakes move freely on and off.

9. Windscreens

The rubber in wiper blades can degrade over long storage or in extreme temperatures make sure they are in working order, and replace if not.

10. Start

Start the car up and idle for a while to let the fuel circulate. It could sound quite rough for the first few minutes, just remember it's been out of action for a while. Once you hit the road go easy for the first few drives.

Booking the car in for a service fairly soon after you take it out of long term storage is a smart measure to avoid potential issues. Ask your mechanic to give the vehicle a thorough review to ensure everything is working as it should.

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