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We offer a range of packing supplies for all your packaging and storage needs from moving boxes to plastic bubble wrap, we can supply it all. Our cardboard boxes and moving supplies are available for purchase from Osborne Park Self Storage during office hours.

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Order all your packing supplies in the one place. We have a range of quality moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap and more.

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Box sizes and prices

  • Tea chest box - 420 mm wide x 420 mm deep x 600 mm high - $5.50 each
  • Book and wine box - 410 mm wide x 310 mm deep x 450 mm high - $4.40 each
  • Archive box - 400 mm wide x 300 mm deep x 250 mm high - $5.00 each

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Packaging supplies

  • Bubble wrap - $3.50 per metre
  • Brown packing tape - $3.50 each
  • Corrugated cardboard - $3.30 per metre
  • Queen mattress cover - $9.90 each
  • 3 seater lounge cover - $8.80 each
  • Dining chair cover - $3.30 each
  • Storage unit padlock - $9.00

Keep your gear protected

One of the stressful aspects (we know, there are lots) of moving house is making sure all of your gear gets to its destination in one piece. Damage during transit can occur so easily; heavy-handed removalists, traffic accidents, as well as improper loading or securing in the truck can all contribute to the risk of breakages. Although most of these situations are out of our control there are measures we can take to prevent or limit catastrophes.

  • Use good quality boxes - second-hand boxes might save you a few dollars on supplies but in the long term, they won't ensure your gear is well protected. Good quality new packing boxes provide a strong and secure case to safeguard your possessions during removals and storage.
  • Use padding and insulation - shield items from each other as well as knocks and bumps by using a good layer of padding. Your choice of padding can be anything from bubble wrap, brown paper (newspaper is not recommended as it can cause staining), cardboard, or linen (your sheets and towels).
  • Invest in strong packing tape - the best packing in the world won't help protect your gear if the tape falls off or rips.
  • Cover furniture and large items - plastic furniture or mattress covers or old blankets can be used to protect large items from accidents during the move.
  • Use packing box labels - clearly label boxes containing fragile or breakable items. Labelling only takes a minute but is invaluable when unpacking or finding stuff during storage.

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Moving boxes and equipment

If you would like more information on ordering packing supplies or boxes contact our experienced customer service team on 9443 6066 or complete our enquiry form today.

Use Osborne Park Self Storage for all your Perth storage needs. Our packing supplies are ideal for your personal, furniture, domestic storage requirements.

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